Election Coverage


On April 1, 2016, at the PA Leadership Conference, our news crew videoed and sound recorded a meeting between Pa Republican Party Officials, John Kasich, and the Chairman of Budget Committee of the US House of Representatives.

Note, obviously most experienced observers knew this sort of thing goes on in both parties and with most candidates, and nothing illegal transpired (it is part of the political process that State Officials try and get public works projects for their State from Washington, etc.), it still is one of the few times it was ever actually recorded.

The importance of the meeting and its results are emphasized during the discussion about “delegates” followed by someone’s comment at this meeting that the Chairman of the Budget Committee “has more power than Chairman Mao”.

Since the Pa. delegates and who they vote for are only 1/3 controlled by the votes of the Republican voters of Pa., and 2/3 are controlled by Pa. party officials there is room for problems.   There are similar actual  problems in the Democratic Party where almost even  vote totals of the voters were overridden because of the state party bosses control of super delegates and have translated into an overwhelming lead by Hillary Clinton.  It has come out the Clinton campaign has donated a lot of money to the National and State Democratic Parties which has in effect overridden the will of the Democratic Voters.     Things need to change in both parties.

Alan Loch

Co General Manager

WFYL 1180 AM

King of Prussia, PA