Trinity Liberty Partners Mission Statement


The mission of Trinity Liberty Partners is to support and spread God's Word and the resulting Truth and Liberty it produces as well as emphasize and illuminate our United States Constitution through any and all media opportunities we are given, especially WFYL 1180 am radio and its programs and talk show hosts.  We believe the Bible is the Word of God and is Truth.  We are grateful to our founders for providing us with the Constitution which safeguards and defends our God-given rights, and we will seek to “proclaim liberty throughout the land”.


Our vision is reach the people in our broadcast area with Christ’s message of salvation and redemption with our radio station and host an annual, if not more often, revival meeting at the Eagles’ stadium or other lesser venues until we reach enough people to fill the Eagles Stadium.  The revival meeting(s) will be led by Godly individuals like Art Kardos, Rev. Frank Sheldon and  Rev. Dave Kistler.   We would also like to host Speakers’ Series events featuring our nationally-syndicated and local show hosts and historians like David Barton and William Federer.


Trinity Associates Broadcasting LLC was formed to counter the mainstream media falsehoods that we have all personally witnessed over the years with God’s Word and the real current events realizing that the “Truth shall make you free”-- John 8:32.  During the 1990's the mainstream media news became so orchestrated in content and even order of presentation on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc. that it was as though someone like the Nazi’s Goebbels was managing the news.  How else, even now, in a country as large and varied as the USA can news be that regulated that all these news outlets present the same news stories in the same order? 


 We have now reached a pivotal point where “Fake News” has been named by our President as our country’s biggest enemy and has become an absolute, real threat to our Liberty.  This hasn’t just evolved:  a retired General and Medal of Honor Recipient we had on the air said we lost the Vietnam War because our news media portrayed it the way they did.  Solzhenitsyn warned us of the too powerful news media in his June 1978 speech at Harvard to 20,000 people.


Our mission is to educate and take back this country with the Truth of God’s Word and the true meaning of the liberties mandated by our Constitution that our Founding Fathers meant for us to experience in the United States of America!


Does this resonate with you?  How can you help?  Join Trinity Liberty Partners with your support to emphasize the organized, hard, bedrock support that patriotic, Constitutional citizens have. 

Become a part of this effort to defend our liberties by sharing the Truth and honor the efforts of patriots in times past and today—“We the People”.


Every American generation is tested, our time is Now!  Will we meet God’s standard and the standard of our Godly forbearers?  Who is on God’s side?


Alan and Susan Loch


1180 WFYL

2400 W. Main St.

Jeffersonville, PA 19403

610 539 1783 Office

877 667 1180 Studio

610 539 1799 Fax